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Who can become an ambassador and what should be done?

The ambassador must have an audience. If you have your own public on Telegram, blog or YouTube channel, the first step has already been taken. Your task is to continue to create content about the project and tell your subscribers about it.

Each ambassador has a unique referral link by which he invites new users.

To participate in the ambassador program, you first need to fill out an application on the project website.

In the application you need to specify the name, email and link to the channel through which you communicate with your audience. In the "A Little About Yourself" field, you can talk about everything that you consider important: how the topic of your channel is related to the blockchain, what you do and for whom you create content.

Once you have completed and submitted your application, a response will be received from the project inviting you to participate in the ambassador program.

You will receive the official status of an ambassador when at least 100 users register using your referral link.

Ambassadors receive rewards depending on how many original posts they published on social networks, what tasks they have still completed and how many people registered by their referral link.


  • Translations of sites and articles into different languages.
  • Creation of graphic content (memes, GIFs, stickers about the project).
  • Video reviews about the project.
  • Creation of a community in the Telegram.
  • Moderation of the community.
  • Coordination of other ambassadors.
  • Create posts about the project and publish them on social networks.
  • Registration of new users by referral link.

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Decentralized private networks or decentralized VPN use encrypted tunnels to route web traffic, but they do so through decentralized rather than centralized networks. The DPNs are server-free and distributed, providing a higher level of security, so that users are not logged in, hacked, or subpoenaed. In a decentralized private network, user devices act as a client and as a server. And IP addresses automatically change depending on routing rules, creating tunnels to other nodes around the world.

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Denying a central control point in DPN services means that there are no central attack points; The network cannot be disconnected. Users can also control their data because no centralized provider has access to the information they are trying to protect. DPN is becoming increasingly popular. Innovators in the blockchain and crypto space are already using this demand to offer better protection to their network users.

For example, the DPN project, based on Polkadot, Deeper Network combines network security, blockchain and shared economics to create a global peer-to-peer network that offers the same resistance against data theft and censorship as traditional VPN, only without the need for centralization.


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Making an early-stage investment into VPNRoyal coin can be decisive.

VPNRoyal sale event is a unique opportunity to buy VPNRoyal coins at minimum price. Increasing of VPNRoyal coin price is hardwired into development projects.

May - 2022

VPN Royal coin sale start

May - 2022

VPN Royal Release 1.0

Jun - 2022

RoyalOS release 1.0

Jul - 2022

Royal wallet release 1.0

Aug - 2023

Royal SNS Dev Starts

Sep - 2023

Blockchain Dev Starts